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22/01/19 | MacOS | All levels | by Jorge Vilar

Keyboard shortcuts are essential for any user looking to quicken the speed of their workflow. By giving you quicker navigation they make the whole process of using a computer far easier.

This short tutorial covers some of the shortcuts that you can use to improve your workflow.

Modifier Key Symbols

Many keyboard shortcuts include at least one modifier key. It's important to know what these symbols are because on application menus, which are great for finding out keyboard shortcuts on the fly, you'll only see symbols and letters listed next to the menu options.

Startup and Shut Down

- Power button - Press to turn on your computer or wake it from sleep. Press and continue holding to force your Mac to turn off.

- control + command + Q - Lock screen.

- shift + command + Q - Log out current user.

Closing and quit

- To close a window, press command + W.

- To quit an application press command + Q. If you have any windows open when you quit, next time you open the application, it remembers its state, i.e. which windows where open.

Minimize and Hide applications

- To minimize, press command + M.

- To hide, press command + H.

The difference between minimize and hide: Minimize only send the selected windows to the dock. Hiding sends all open windows from the specific application to the dock. Clicking the application on the dock will return any windows minimize to their previous location or unhides all windows.

Application and OS

The behaviour of this shortcuts may change with the application you are using.

- command + S - Save. In Apple applications, this shortcut is to force saving because the operating system automatically saves things for you.

- command + Z - Undo (moving files, opening windows in Safari, etc).

- command + B - Turns boldfacing on or off.

- command + I - Turns italics on or off.

- command + P - Print the current document.

- fn + backspace - Deletes character to the right of the cursor (like delete key on windows computers).

- command + space bar - Show or hide the Spotlight search field.

- command + option + D - Show or hide the dock.

- command key while dragging - Move dragged item to other volume/location.

- option key while dragging - Copy dragged item.

- option + tab - Switching between applications.

- Take screenshots or screen - shift + command + 5. It will open the screen tools:

Icon 1: Capture the entire screen.
Icon 2: Capture a window.
Icon 3: Capture a portion of the screen. Drag the frame to reposition or drag the edges to adjust the size.
Icon 4: Record the entire screen.
Icon 5: Record a portion of the screen.


- command + C - Copy selected item/text to Clipboard.

- command + V - Paste the Clipboard contents.

- command + D - Duplicates the selected file.

- command + backspace - Move to trash.

- command + shift + backspace - Empty trash, with confirmation dialog.

- command + shift + option + backspace - Empty trash without confirmation dialog.

- command + 1 - View as Icons.

- command + 2 - View as List.

- command + 3 - View as Columns.

- command + 4 - View as Gallery.

- space bar (or command + Y) - Quick look. Lets you preview an item without opening it.


- command + space bar - View as Gallery.

- right arrow - Complete the search using suggested result.

- down arrow - Move to next search result.

- up arrow - Move to previous search result.

- command - Show he path of a search result.

- return key (enter) - Open the selected result.


- arrows keys - To scroll up, down, left and right.

- space bar - Scroll down a screen.

- command + T - Create a new tab.

- command + click a link - Open a page in a new tab.

- shift + command + click a link - Open a page in a new tab and make that tab the active tab.

- command + L - Jump to the address bar.

- command + D - Add a bookmark.

- command + shift + (left or right arrows) - Change between tabs.

You can download pdf from this how-to here!

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